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How to Identify & Drive in Freezing Rain…Winter’s Most Dangerous Precipitation

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How to Identify & Drive in Freezing Rain ...Winter's Most Dangerous Precipitation Winter is definitely upon us and so is winter driving. When the temperature drops, Michiganders can experience a variety of precipitation including snow, sleet and freezing rain - freezing rain being the most dangerous and life threatening form of precipitation for drivers. What are the Differences Between Snow, Sleet and Freezing Rain? When [...]

Collision Shop in Macomb County Lists New Year’s Driving Resolutions for 2019

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Collision Shop in Macomb County Lists New Year's Driving Resolutions for 2019 A new year often urges us to set various goals. Maybe your resolutions include getting in shape or staying organized. But why not make some resolutions for when you're behind the wheel? Here are 5 great driving resolutions we can all adopt in 2019. Stop Distracted Driving Stay off your cell phone. We [...]