6 Ways to Save on Fuel You May Not Have Thought Of

6 Ways to Save on Fuel You May Not Have Thought Of

With inflation and shortages contributing to the rising cost of everyday items, many Michiganders are looking for ways to save money. From couponing to sharing streaming services with friends, there are ways to cut costs on most everyday items. Saving money on gas is no different. Getting creative and making simple changes can provide your wallet some relief. Here are 6 ways to save on fuel you may not have thought of.

Save Money at the Pumps with these 6 Ways to Save on Fuel

Drive at Your Vehicles Optimal Speed

You may already know that driving too fast can decrease fuel efficiency, but crawling up to speed can also affect it. When driving below optimal speed, your vehicle’s engine uses momentum and gasoline to accomplish very little. Even if your car is idling in a parking lot, it’s just using gasoline to power the motor. The best way to achieve maximum fuel efficiency is to drive at your vehicle’s optimal speed.

Avoid Left Turns

As strange as this might sound, UPS found that by minimizing left turns on their delivery routes, they are able to save millions of gallons of fuel each year.

Just like idling in a parking lot burns through your gasoline, idling in a left turn lane does the same. Typically, it takes longer to wait for traffic to clear to make a left turn than it takes to simply turn right. Your fuel efficiency decreases every minute your vehicle is below that optimal speed. When trying to save money on fuel, avoiding left turns is an easy way to make the most of your gasoline usage. 

Replace A Broken Spoiler

Your vehicle’s spoiler is for more than just looks. It moves air from your car’s undercarriage and into your car’s hood to increase airflow.

Increased airflow helps cool critical components of your vehicle like the:

  • Engine
  • Air conditioning condenser
  • Radiator
  • Electrical system

When your spoiler is broken or missing, those components may need to work harder to do their jobs, requiring more fuel to work efficiently. Replacing a broken spoiler is an easy way to make sure your engine isn’t overworking and helps lower fuel costs.

Choose a Light-Colored Vehicle

When car shopping, consider the color of your vehicle and how it can affect your fuel costs. An easy way to lower fuel costs is to choose a light-colored vehicle over a black one. In the summer, driving a car with a light exterior and interior can keep the temperature lower by reflecting light. With a light-colored car, you can save fuel by not needing to run the air conditioning constantly to make your vehicle bearable.

Switch Oil in Winter Months

Most drivers know they need to stay on top of oil changes for their vehicle’s engine to work correctly. Another significant factor is choosing the right oil for the season. Switching to the recommended oil for cold weather in the winter months can help lower fuel costs. The oil you use in the summer can get thicker in the cold and doesn’t work as effectively. By switching to cold weather oil, you can boost your vehicle’s fuel economy and better protect your engine.

Reduce Drag by Making Your Car Aerodynamic

Drag, caused by air resistance against your car, places strain on your engine and causes you to burn more fuel. You may notice the effects of drag against your vehicle in the winter, as cold air tends to be denser. Removing accessories like roof racks when not in use, rolling up the windows, or switching to narrow tires are easy ways to make your vehicle more aerodynamic and save money on fuel costs.

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