Auto Body Shop in Warren Michigan Gives Tips for Driving in Severe Weather

For many Michiganders, summer is their favorite time of year for weather. However these higher temps do have some drawbacks, specifically tornado weather.

The first step to staying safe is to keep an eye on the radar and listen to your local weather station. But since tornadoes can so be fast and unpredictable, travelers may be unprepared for this severe weather until the dangers are already in their path. This is especially true for long road trips, which are common during these summer months.

So what do you do if you are on the road with a tornado warning in effect, or even worse, a funnel cloud is already visible while you’re on the road? Just as you have an emergency tornado plan for your home, you and your family should also have a plan in place if you are caught on the road.

Take Shelter if Possible

The first course of action would be to find a building, preferably brick, and take shelter in the basement or lowest level in the building. You never want to be in the open. But during road trips to or from northern Michigan, drivers may not be able to seek any shelter as they are driving through deserted areas.

A common myth in these types of situations is to get out of your car and hide under an overpass. However, this will only put you in more danger. Although this may seem like a good idea, winds can actually accelerate under an overpass, throwing damaging debris in your path, or even worse, the bridge could collapse.

What if Shelter is Not Available?

We have already explained the dangers of hiding under an overpass or bridge. Another common mistake is taking shelter in or under your vehicle. Tornadoes can easily roll your vehicle over, only leaving you in the path of dangerous debris.

Instead, get into a position lower than the road, such as into a ditch, lay flat and cover your head with your hands or a blanket to avoid any flying glass and debris.

Also, have an emergency go bag prepared with food, water, blankets and other supplies to last at least 3 days.

What About Outrunning a Tornado?

We’ve seen the YouTube videos with daring storm chasers. As entertaining as it is to watch these videos, it is not recommended to try to outrun a tornado.

But if you find yourself with no other choice, never try to outrun a tornado in the distance it is moving. Distance yourself by driving a 90 degree angle against its forecasted movement. But remember, tornadoes are fast and unpredictable and can change direction at any time.  So be prepared to adjust your path in any moment.

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