Avoid Scratching Your Car’s Paint When Cleaning Snow Off This Winter

Avoid Scratching Your Car's Paint When Cleaning Snow Off This Winter

Preparing to drive on winter roads involves setting aside extra time to clean snow from your vehicle before your commute. Before you pull out your scraper, consider these helpful tips to avoid scratching your car’s paint when cleaning off snow this winter.

5 Tips to Help Avoid Scratching Your Car’s Paint

These tips will not only help you avoid scratching your car’s paint, but they will save you time!

Make use of your defroster. Work smarter, not harder. Start your car and turn on the defrost. This will heat up the windshield and hood for easier removal and therefore requiring less force from your snow removal tool.

Wrap a snow brush with a towel. While a nylon snow brush can be helpful, the bristles are coarse and can damage the exterior of your vehicle. Instead, wrap the brush with a microfiber towel . You can easily secure the towel using binder clips or rubber bands found in your home. Now, you can clear the snow from your car without worrying about it scratching. You could also use a sponge brush instead of a brush with nylon bristles.

Use a cordless leaf blower. This quick tip works great for cleaning snow off your car when you have easy access to a leaf blower. Using a cordless leaf blower instead of a traditional brush can save you time and ensures there’s no chance of scratching your vehicle’s finish.

Invest in a windshield protector. If snow is predicted in the forecast, place the protector across your windshield the night before or anytime ahead of the storm. Be sure to secure it against your mirrors or door. Then when you’re ready to go, simply remove the protector and shake it off. No cleaning or scraping needed.

Wrap driver and passenger mirrors with Ziplock bags. Tired of scraping the ice from your mirrors before driving? Secure a Ziplock bag around each mirror to create a barrier from the elements. When you’re ready, all you have to do is remove the bags and go.

Using these simple tips, you can save time and your vehicle’s paint from scratches. If you find you already have scratches or dents on your car’s exterior, stop in and see us sooner than later – before those small scratches turn into unsightly rust.

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