Body Shop in Macomb County Gives 6 Tips on Prepping Your Vehicle for Winter

Body Shop in Macomb County  Gives 6 Tips on Prepping Your Vehicle for Winter

Winter in Michigan means ice, snow, and frigid temperatures. Driving in these conditions requires extra preparation in order to ensure that you safely – and comfortably – reach your destination.

In our last article we covered how to prepare your vehicle for winter storage.  But what about the vehicle you will be driving for the next few months?  Here are 6 tips to help prepare your car for winter driving.

1. Check your tire tread.

Make sure you have enough tread left on your tires before temperatures dip and the roads are covered with ice and snow. You can purchase a tire tread depth gauge, which will tell you how much tread depth you have remaining. Or you can use the “quarter test.” Take a quarter and insert it into your tire tread groove with George Washington’s head upside down. If you are able to see the top of Washington’s head, your tires are worn and should be replaced soon.

2. Fill your tires.

After you ensure that you have enough tread on your tires, you should make sure you have enough air in your tires. Check your tire pressure before winter arrives and at least once a month during the winter to ensure your tires are properly inflated.

3. Check your battery.

Cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your car’s battery. A battery that is weak in warmer weather will struggle to perform in Michigan’s frigid winter months. Have a professional mechanic test your battery to see whether it should be replaced before winter arrives. Don’t wait until your car won’t start on an icy winter morning.

4. Check your heating system.

It might go without saying, but one thing you won’t want to be without come winter is heat in your car. Not only does your heating system keep you comfortable in Michigan’s icy winters, but your car’s defroster is essential to the safe operation of your car. It allows you to fully see through your windshield so that you can keep a close eye on the road – especially important when the roads are covered in ice and snow.

5. Check your antifreeze levels.

Like its name suggests, antifreeze keeps your engine from freezing during icy winter weather. Consult your car’s owner’s manual for information on how to check your antifreeze level. You can also buy a kit from your local auto supply store that will allow you to check your antifreeze level and determine whether you have the proper antifreeze mix. If necessary, add antifreeze according to your car’s manual.

6. Create an emergency kit.

While you may have done everything in your power to prepare your car for winter driving, sometimes winter wins out, and you might become stranded. Prepare an emergency kit to keep in your car. Include items like blankets, a flashlight, gloves, boots, and a first-aid kit. Gravel or sand is also helpful in case you need extra traction in the snow and ice. Lastly, consider including some snacks in the event you’re stranded and have to wait for help to arrive.

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