Accident? Now What?

Determine if anyone is injured; if so seek medical attention immediately. Move the vehicle to a safe location if possible. Call the Police and make a report. Assuming the Police will not come to the accident scene (many municipalities will not send a patrol unit if both vehicles are drive-able), always exchange information with the drivers involved. Obtain the other drivers phone number, driver’s license number, insurance information, plate number as well as the Vehicle ID number. If you have a camera available, take photos of the accident. Noting the date, time and location of the accident may be beneficial for later review.

No, by law you have the right to choose the auto body repair shop that you want to repair your vehicle. You do not have your collision repairs completed by the company your insurance company suggests. Many insurance companies utilize a direct repair program and have a network of shops. Pole Position Auto Body is a direct repair shop for many trusted insurance providers. You should select a company who you trust, and feel comfortable working with. (Keep in mind: Some insurance companies own body shops and will pressure or “steer” their customers to take their vehicles there.)

Yes, Pole Position works with all insurance companies. We gladly accept all insurance estimates and can repair insurance claims with any provider.
Yes! Whether you have a’27 Ford, a ’49 Buick, or a ’70 Mustang that needs collision repair Pole Position will work with your specialty insurance company to complete the repairs. We can provide Frame straightening, Powder coating, Fabrication, Custom paint, Auto restoration, Paint-less dent repair (PDR), and Antique restoration on any insurance repair.
Yes! We complete Fleet Auto Body Repair and Maintenance for many companies. Corporate vehicle builds are also projects we enjoy to complete.

No, you are only required to obtain one estimate. In the past when a vehicle sustained damage due to an auto accident, an insurance company would require the insured to gather 3 estimates from different Body Shops. This was so common, it became an accepted practice or “the way things are done”. However, with the upgrades in technology and the internet this is no longer necessary.

Yes, at Pole Position we guarantee our work 100%. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all repairs.

Collision Repair Frequent Questions

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