Choose a Collision Shop in Warren, MI You Can Trust

Choose a Collision Shop in Warren MI You Can Trust

While drivers don’t plan for accidents, they can create an action plan just in case they find themselves involved in one. An important part of that plan is finding a reputable collision shop in Warren, MI.

Keep reading to learn what differentiates an elite shop from other collision facilities.

Do Your Research on Local Body Shops

When considering which body shop you want to have on speed dial in an emergency, you’ll want to complete your due diligence prior to picking a shop to repair what is often your second largest investment.

  • Check their website to learn what services they provide and how long they’ve been in business.
  • Is their state licensing active and up to date?
  • Scope out the facility when driving by to see if many damaged vehicles are on the lot for weeks, which may indicate a longer turnaround time for repairs.
  • Check their customer ratings and customer comments on Google or Facebook.

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Also, make sure they have the following certifications:

ASE Certification: ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) is an independent, not for profit organization that offers testing and certification as a sign of good workmanship in the field.

I-CAR: This is considered to be the highest standard for an auto-shop, with the highest I-CAR certification being the Gold Class recognition; this is a sign that the technicians have been trained on the latest technologies, repair methods and car models.

Avoid Tow Truck Recommendations

Depending on the severity of the accident, your vehicle may not be drivable and may need to be towed to a repair facility. Some towing companies will recommend which shop to take your vehicle to .However, sometimes the towing service will get a kickback from $500 to over $1000 just for referring you to specific collision facilities. That referral doesn’t guarantee that the shop they recommend will provide quality work as it only has the best interest of the towing company.

If a towing service presses you to take your vehicle to a certain location, remember that by law you have the choice to take your car to the repair facility of your choice.

Avoid Collision Shops That Claim to Bury Your Deductible

One red flag when deciding on a collision shop is if they offer to waive deductible costs. Since most repair shops would lose money by doing this, they often make money in other places by burying your deductible in other costs. For example, they may be provide an inflated estimate to the insurance company or provide replacement parts that do not meet OEM standards. Remember that any reputable company follows all OEM standards–standards that are put in place to keep you safe!

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Looking for a Collision Shop in Warren, MI?

Pole Position Auto Body is an auto body repair shop in Warren that has been serving the Metro Detroit area for over 30 years. We always follow the standard OEM procedures for our repairs, and will restore your vehicle to it’s pre-accident condition in the quickest turnaround time possible – almost 3 days quicker than the average repair facility.

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