Collision Shop Near Fraser, MI Discusses Hail Damage

Collision Shop Near Fraser, MI Discusses Hail Damage

It’s summertime in Michigan which means longer and sunnier days, road trips, barbecues and sometimes severe weather. And if a strong storm includes hail it can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Since we’re in the middle of storm season, here are some answers to three common questions regarding hail damage.

How Much Damage Can Hail Do to my Vehicle?

Hail can potentially cause a lot of damage to your vehicle and the average cost for repairs can range from $1,500-$5,000. The most common type of hail damage comes in the form of dents and scrapes from the precipitation hitting the roof and hood of your vehicle. Hail can also cause your windshield and other windows to shatter and in turn, create interior water damage. The damage created from hailstones is usually due to the direction of the wind. Areas of your vehicle left uncovered during a hailstorm can get damaged in random patterns and surfaces facing the wind often will have greater damage than the other sides.

Here are some before and after photos of hail damage that we repaired at Pole Position Auto Body.


How Can I Protect My Vehicle if  I Can’t Park in a Garage?

The best way to protect your car from hail is to park in a garage or under a car port.  But if you don’t have a garage or you get caught in a storm while at the office,  you can still take steps to protect your vehicle.  You can actually purchase a car cover for your type of vehicle (also called hail blankets) that can prevent or at least minimize damage. As a last resort, wrap your car in some old blankets if hail is predicted in the weather report.

If you’re caught in a hailstorm while on the road, try to get under an awning at a gas station, a drive-through at a bank or self serve car wash for quick protection.  Another tip is to park your vehicle next to a large building that creates a hail shadow. This means if the storm is coming from the west, park next to a large building on the east side.  By doing this, sometimes the wind can carry the hail completely over your vehicle, leaving it dent free.

Will My Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Generally speaking, comprehensive coverage will cover damage from severe storms and other natural disasters.  However, since not all insurance coverage is the same, always confirm exactly what your policy covers with your agent.  There may also be a limited period of time for you to file your claim, so try to contact your insurance company as soon as possible.


Looking for an Auto Body Shop Near Fraser, MI?

Pole Position Auto Body is an auto body repair shop that has been located in Warren, MI for over 30 years.

If you have any hail damage or have been involved in an accident due to severe Michigan weather, our highly qualified technicians will restore your vehicle to it’s pre-accident condition in the quickest turnaround time possible – almost 3 days quicker than the average repair facility.

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