Do You Need End of Lease Auto Repairs?

Do You Need End-of-Lease Auto Repairs in Macomb County?


You’ve driven your leased car for two or three years now, and it’s time to return it to the dealership. Unfortunately, by the time the lease ends, you may discover grocery cart dings and other various scratches and dents. Or you may have more extensive damage from a fender bender that you postponed repairing.

When the time comes to return a leased car, the finance company/lease holder will call to set up your vehicle inspection (typically 60-90 days prior to your termination date). They will provide a detailed report, and you will be responsible for damages that are considered beyond “normal” wear and tear. So what is accepted as reasonable wear and tear? At what point are you, the lessee, required to pay additional fees?

The Lease Inspection

Ultimately you will need to review your lease contract to determine what wear the lessor will allow as regular vehicle maintenance. But generally speaking, smaller damages less than a half inch will be accepted as reasonable wear and tear. Other common examples of normal wear and tear include:

  • Exterior dings and scratches that can be easily buffed out
  • Interior burns, cuts, tears and singed areas a half inch or less in diameter
  • Removable stains on the interior
  • Tire tread depth of 1/8″ or more at the shallowest point
  • Minor scratches or scuffs to wheels and wheel covers
  • Any damage to the windshield that is less than a half inch
  • Cracks in lamps, turn signals, and lights that are less than two inches in diameter
  • No broken or missing components

Play it Smart, Go for End of Lease Repairs

Any damages that are considered to be outside of normal will be deemed excessive. You’ll be required to pay for these repairs and the fees for excessive damage can be staggering.

Fortunately, you can save yourself from overpaying by visiting Pole Position Auto Body prior to your lease inspection.  Pole Position Auto Body has extensive experience with lease turn ins and can provide cost effective solutions to any damage that occurred during your lease term. We will inspect every inch of your vehicle and make the necessary repairs before you turn in your lease, so you aren’t surprised with a huge repair bill from the dealership.

We always follow the standard Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) procedures and will use the official parts produced by your vehicle’s manufacturer. This is crucial as any replacement part that doesn’t meet manufacturer’s specifications will not be accepted by the leasing company.

Call PPAB for Your End of Lease Auto Repairs

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If you need end of lease repairs, our highly qualified technicians will make your car look as it good as it was the day you drove it off the lot.

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