Facts About Car Accidents You Might Not Know

Facts About Car Accidents You Might Not Know

Experienced drivers can attest: driving becomes second nature over time. Most drivers get in the habit of navigating their daily commute with ease, with some even multi-tasking or shifting their attention from the road. However, an accident can happen to novice and experienced drivers alike in a split second. These facts about car accidents you might not know can shed some light on them and how to prioritize safety while driving.

5 Facts About Car Accidents

Knowing these 5 facts about car accidents can highlight the importance of driving safely and potentially help you avoid a compromising situation that leads to an accident.

Most car accidents happen within 3 miles of home. 

Driving a familiar route can be comforting. However, knowing that most accidents happen so close to home shows that drivers shouldn’t lose focus even when navigating roads they know like the back of their hands.

The most common causes of car accidents are fatigue, environmental conditions, distractions, and medical conditions. 

While you may not be able to control environmental conditions or unexpected medical emergencies, you can reduce distractions and avoid driving while fatigued to minimize the likelihood of an accident.

Even a split-second distraction can contribute to an accident. 

In fact, when traveling at expressway speeds, the time it takes to read a text message is equivalent to the time it takes your vehicle to travel the length of a football field. That’s a long distance to travel without your eyes on the road! 

Fatal car accidents in the US spiked in the late ’60s and ’70s, with more than 54,500 deaths in 1972. 

Improved vehicle technology and safety laws resulted in a gradual decline in fatal accidents. Those numbers increased again in 2021, which caused a renewed interest in promoting driver safety campaigns.

All 50 states now have seat belt laws to help save lives. 

When the seat belt laws were first introduced in the early 80s, lawmakers received pushback over the prospect of being fined for not wearing a seat belt. In fact, only 14% of Americans regularly wore seatbelts. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of people who regularly wear seatbelts was 90.4% in 2021, which shows people have learned to accept that seatbelts can save lives.

How to Prioritize Driver Safety

How to Prioritize Driver Safety

Car accidents can be stressful and have a negative impact on your life. Following some basic prevention tips can help reduce the likelihood of being in an accident.

  • Always wear your seatbelt.
  • Follow posted speed limits, but slow down when driving in inclement weather.
  • Avoid distracted driving and stay focused on the roads.
  • Stay up to date on vehicle maintenance to prevent mechanical issues while driving.

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