What do you think the REAL cost is to your company when a vehicle in your fleet is taken out of service due general maintenance, mechanical work, collision repairs, glass replacement, etc. Do you track it? Can you quantify the revenue dollars lost? We surveyed a few of our existing fleets and the numbers we heard were astounding! Not having a single vehicle in the fleet on the road producing revenue can cost a company in upwards of $1500 per day in lost revenue. That is a HUGE number! Imagine 3 or 4 vehicles out of service for multiple days. I understand how important it is for you to get your staff out on the road, on the job site, actually producing billable hours for the business.

Join the Pole Position Fleet Program, we will manage your fleet and become your one stop vehicle maintenance/repair shop. We have a proven track record of producing high quality repairs nearly 3 days quicker than the average repair facility. That means an extra $1000 – 3000 in revenue for you! Now we are talking! Whether we shuttle or tow the vehicle to our facility, we will get it diagnosed, properly repaired, detailed, and shuttled back to your facility ready for service expeditiously and at a cost effective/competitive price. If one of your fleet is involved in a collision, we will advocate on your behalf, deal with the insurance company and handle any/all mini tort filings to get your deductible dollars returned to you.

“If you’re tired of feeling the pain when your fleet is out of service… Call or email me !”

– Robert Frick, President


  • Paint less dent removal
  • Audio, Video, Security (alarms, remote start, GPS tracking)
  • Free pre-purchase inspections (for any used car purchase)

  • Striping/Graphics/Lettering (paint or vinyl)
  • Lease turn in pre-inspections
  • 24 Hour Towing

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