What Michigan Drivers Should Know About Hail Damage

What Michigan Drivers Should Know About Hail Damage

Most drivers will do whatever they can to avoid dings, dents, or scratches. Sometimes Mother Nature has other plans though.  As we get into storm season in Michigan, here’s what you should know about hail damage to your vehicle.

How Bad Can Hail Damage Be?

Hail can cause significant damage to your vehicle’s exterior by denting the body or shattering windows. If your auto glass is shattered, the damage may extend to the interior from water and glass shards entering the vehicle.

When Hail Damage is More Than Cosmetic

Dents on the exterior of your car are unsightly and can lower the value of your vehicle.  But can damage from hail be more than cosmetic?  The answer is yes and here’s why:

Damage from hail can cause reduced visibility while driving. When hail hits your windshield, mirrors, or headlights, it can cause damaging cracks.  Any cracks run the risk of spreading or shattering completely and reducing visibility while driving.

Damage from hail can cause rust and affect the integrity of your vehicle if not repaired. If left unrepaired, dents and damage from hail can rust and affect the integrity of your vehicle’s body and frame.  That’s especially true in Michigan where in the winter months corrosive salt can accelerate the rusting process.

Does Insurance Cover Hail Dent Repairs?

Typically, most comprehensive insurance will cover damage from severe weather. However, insurance coverage can vary depending on your specific policy. Reach out to your insurance agent directly with any questions about your policy and what it covers. Hail damage can cost roughly anywhere from $1500 – $5000 so be sure to file a claim as soon as possible, as some policies only allow a limited amount of time to claim damages.

How to Avoid Hail Damage

Ideally, if you want to avoid hail damage to your vehicle you should park your vehicle in a garage or under a carport during inclement weather.  That’s not always an option so here are two ways to protect your vehicle from damaging hail:

Invest in a hail blanket. A hail blanket is a car cover that can prevent or minimize damage from hail and severe storms.  Keeping a hail blanket in your trunk should be part of your emergency kit in your vehicle in case an unexpected storm rolls in.

Be strategic when driving in a hailstorm. If you’re driving in severe weather, try to get to cover as soon as possible.  Utilize awnings at gas stations, drive-throughs at banks, or ports at a self-service car wash to protect yourself and your vehicle until the storm passes.


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