Hand Washing vs Machine Washing Vehicles

Warren Autobody Shop Talks Handwashing vs Machine Washing Vehicles

As we get into the summer months, you may be wondering what the best way is to wash your vehicle and keep it in pristine condition for your upcoming adventures. The warmth and sun make it tempting to hand wash your vehicle, but is it really better than taking it to a car wash?

Which Method Gets Your Vehicle Cleaner?

There are pros and cons to each method of washing your vehicle, but which gets your vehicle cleaner?

Hand Washing: Hand washing your vehicle puts you in the driver’s seat of the cleaning process. It allows you to target problem areas and shop around for specific products for those spots that need more attention. Hand washing allows vehicle owners to take the time to wash their vehicles thoroughly.

Machine Washing:  Car washes have been specifically designed to remove dirt and grime with a pressure washer that can be hard to obtain at home. Everything from the pressure of the brushes to the jets of high-pressure water has been designed to remove tough grime spots on vehicle surfaces without damaging the vehicle.

Which Method is More Economical?

Another deciding factor for many vehicle owners is the cost and which option makes the best economic sense for them.

Hand Washing: Hand washing is the tried-and-true method that allows vehicle owners to utilize their supplies more than once to clean their vehicles.  Washing your vehicle by hand is a cost-effective method that generally only requires a good cleaning agent, a bucket, a rag, and towels.  After the initial cost of buying supplies, hand washing your vehicle becomes a highly economical option.

Machine Washing: Time is money and following that mindset, vehicle owners have to decide how much of their time they’re willing to spend on washing their vehicles.  For the busy vehicle owner, it may make more sense to take their vehicle to a car wash for a regular cleaning which can add up.  However, many car washes offer monthly plans that allow up to 3 washes a week for a set price.  Utilizing a car wash to maintain your vehicle can also save you the money upfront in investing on the correct cleaning products for your vehicle.

The Takeaway

Generally deciding between hand washing or machine washing your vehicle comes down to personal preference.  Machine washing can help remove built-up grime, but hand washing is great for spot cleaning problem areas.  Hand washing your vehicle costs for the initial supplies but can save you money in the long run—if you have the time to wash it.

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