How to Handle These 5 Driving Emergencies

How to Handle These 5 Driving Emergencies

Most drivers don’t plan on encountering a driving emergency, like unsafe road conditions, vehicle issues, or even an accident. However, even experienced drivers should be prepared for different scenarios to ensure they can safely navigate them. Here’s how to handle these 5 driving emergencies Michiganders may come across.

Tips to Handle These 5 Driving Emergencies

Navigating Icy Roads

Michigan drivers may be familiar with driving in wintery weather conditions, but even experienced drivers can find themselves sliding on icy roads. When sliding on slick, icy surfaces, remember to:

  • Stay calm and avoid jerky movements.
  • Take your foot off the accelerator to slow down.
  • Gently steer in the direction your vehicle is sliding until it corrects itself.

Remember, when the roads are icy, staying calm and reducing your speed goes a long way!

Accelerator Pedal Stuck

Stuck Accelerator Pedal

Feeling your accelerator pedal go down to the floor and stay there can be unsettling. However, it’s essential to remain calm and in control. While keeping your eyes on the road, you should:

  • Turn on your emergency flashers to alert drivers around you.
  • Try lifting the pedal with your toe. If you can’t lift it, tap the accelerator pedal once or twice to see if it pops back into position. 
  • Apply the brakes and shift into neutral until your vehicle slows enough to get off the road. 
  • Once you come to a complete stop, turn off the ignition. 

If you have a push to start vehicle, hold the button until the car is off. If you have a key, keep it in the ignition to prevent the wheel from locking.

Accident Imminent

Accidents can happen quickly. If you drive around a curve to see a stalled vehicle or an accident, you must react quickly to avoid an accident yourself. Often, drivers can turn their cars faster than they can stop them. So instead of slamming on the brakes, steering away may be the better option. This of course depends on the current situation.

When steering away from an accident, ensure you have a good grip on the wheel and check for traffic around you. Remember, don’t jerk the wheel, which can cause you to slide further than intended. Instead, gently guide your vehicle to safety.

Brakes Go Out

As with other driving emergencies, staying calm and in control is essential if your brakes go out.

Reduce your speed immediately by shifting into a lower gear, or if you have a newer vehicle, pump the brakes until the backup brakes take over. 

Turn on your hazard lights to alert other vehicles. 

Carefully apply the emergency brake, which will cause the back wheels to lock and slow your vehicle.

Remember, don’t turn the ignition while driving, as this can compromise your vehicle’s power steering. 

Tire Blowout

While a total tire blowout doesn’t happen as often with new tire models, drivers may still find themselves in a situation where their tire suddenly goes flat. If that happens, keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and keep your car going straight. Gradually slow down by taking your foot off the gas and gently press the brakes only once your vehicle has nearly stopped. Once you have slowed down, pull off the road to safety.

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