How to Teach Your Teen Driver About Road Safety

Learning to drive is a rite of passage that most teens look forward to. Once they’ve completed drivers training and passed their exam, they’re ready to hit the open road. However, passing their driving test doesn’t make it any easier for parents to think of them driving on their own. It’s normal to worry about your teens’ safety when driving. Ease your nerves and theirs by following these simple tips about how to teach your teen driver about road safety.

How to Teach Your Teen Driver About Road Safety

5 Safety Tips You Should Teach Your Teen Driver

When it comes to helping your teen become a safe driver, there are safety tips you can teach them to get them through any situation.

Provide Moral Support 

It may be tempting to emphasize driver safety by telling your teen cautionary tales of what can happen when behind the wheel. However, your teen must feel confident on the roads when learning how to drive safely in real-world situations.  They are likely very anxious about driving even if they don’t come right out and tell you. Ease their mind and help their confidence by telling them it’s ok to pull over (in a safe area) and let traffic pass if they are feeling overwhelmed.

Teach Your Teen Driver to Limit Distractions

Your teen must develop good driving habits early on. To ensure their safety, teach them to limit distractions. Perhaps the biggest distraction they should avoid is using their phone—even the hands-free options. Texting, talking, or checking social media divides their attention and may result in a collision. If checking their phone will be tempting for your teen, you can suggest they leave their phone in the backseat or glovebox to keep distractions out of reach. Other distractions may be having friends in the car with them or adjusting their GPS while driving.

Provide a Positive Example When Driving

One of the most effective ways to teach your teen to limit distractions is to provide a positive example when driving. If your teen sees you texting or checking your phone, they may think it’s safe to do so. Instead, provide a positive example by limiting distractions and telling your teen what you’re doing while driving. Showing your teen how to deal with stressful driving situations may help them if they run into those issues themselves.

Ease Them into Driving in Different Road Conditions

Your teen must be able to drive through most scenarios and road conditions confidently. Whether in snow, rain, or night driving, they should feel comfortable driving. However, they should ease their way into navigating different conditions at the beginning. If the roads are icy or snowy, talk them through what you’re doing while driving in those road conditions or allow them to drive with you in the passenger seat guiding them. Setting a curfew for driving can limit night driving until they’ve practiced and adapted to the reduced visibility.

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Teach Your Teen Driver What to Do in an Emergency

A big part of teaching your teen how to be a safe driver is teaching them what to do in an emergency. Not knowing road safety can quickly escalate a minor fender bender into a serious injury. Teach your teen what to do if they get a flat tire, are in a collision, and what to do if they start sliding on ice.  In an accident, it’s imperative that your teen knows not to be on the roadways and who to call.

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