How to Prevent Door Dings This Summer

How to Prevent Door Dings This Summer

Most people can relate to the disappointment of returning to your car to find a fresh ding on the side of the door. The frustration is the same, whether it’s because a vehicle parked too close, a stray shopping cart that left a mark, or inclement weather. While we can’t control other people or the weather, as much as we’d like to at times, we can take some preventative measures to protect our vehicles. Here are some simple tips on how to prevent door dings.

Tips for When Parking is the Problem

Parking lots are like a playground for vehicle damage. The congestion of cars, people, and abandoned carts make door dings common. But the parking lots aren’t the only place where damage can occur to your vehicle. Here are some tips for how to avoid door dings in parking lots and more.

  • Park Further Away. If possible, park your vehicle away from the building’s entrance or other congested parking lot areas. Parking further may mean walking more, but generally, it also means that you’ll be less likely to have different vehicles squeeze into the spot next to yours and ding your door.
  • Teach Your Children Vehicle Safety. Vehicle safety for children is more than teaching them to be mindful of cars in parking lots or on the road. It’s essential for them to learn the safe distance to be from your vehicle, even if it’s in the driveway. Riding their bikes or playing catch near a parked car can cause dings and dents, but more importantly, it can be dangerous if you or the driver don’t see them when leaving.
  • Take Your Time Entering or Exiting Your Vehicles. Always be mindful of your surroundings when entering or exiting your vehicle. Most dings happen when people rush and don’t consider how close the curb, another car, or the gas pump is to your door. Taking your time to consider your surroundings can save you the added stress of damage to your vehicle.

How to Prevent Door Dings from Inclement Weather

Sometimes damage to our vehicle doesn’t come from other cars or people but hailstorms. Hail can be hard to avoid when a sudden storm pops up. However, these simple tips can provide some added protection for your vehicle. Here’s how to prevent door dings from inclement weather.

  • Park Under or Near a Structure When Possible.  If possible, park your car in your garage or parking structure. If you can’t find a covered area, try to find a spot near a building to at least provide some protection to your car.
  • Pull Over if Driving in a Strong Storm. Storms can hit at the worst time, like when you’re actively driving your vehicle. Pull over and take cover under a gas station or bank awning if you notice hail coming down. This can protect your vehicle from damaging hail and keep you safe if road visibility is compromised due to the storm.
  • Use a Car Cover to Protect Your Vehicle. There are covers you can purchase that are custom fit to your vehicle and are designed to withstand damaging hail when you cannot park your car in a structure. It’s a great idea to keep a car cover in the trunk of your vehicle in case a storm pops up.

If you find yourself dealing with a dinged or dented door, take your vehicle to a trusted auto body shop to correct the damage. Leaving the dings can cost you if you have a lease or lower the value of your car if you plan on reselling it. Check out this article on choosing an autobody shop that you can trust. 

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