Keeping Your Car Germ-Free During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Keeping Your Car Germ-Free During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Vehicle repair is an essential service therefore we will remain open during this crisis. We have access to parts and can facilitate a clean, sanitary, and safe transaction that doesn’t require a face to face visit.

Metro Detroiters are taking their own precautions to protect themselves from the virus, such as frequent hand washing and social distancing. Another important precaution is disinfecting surfaces. According to the CDC, coronavirus can live on a solid surface up to 4 days. Some medical experts through published reports have been suggesting that some viruses can live up to 9 days on a solid surface. When it comes to disinfecting surfaces, most of us think of doorknobs, light switches, countertops and even cell phones. But what about your vehicle? After all your vehicle is one of the first things you touch after leaving the grocery store and other public places.

Areas of Your Vehicle that Need Disinfecting

  • Steering wheel
  • Exterior and interior door handles
  • Climate control buttons, radio knobs and any other surfaces you touch often, such as touchscreens
  • Key fob / keys
  • Cupholders
  • Floor Mats
  • The Trunk
  • Air Vents

What are the Germiest Spots in Your Car?

According to an article from Real Simple, there are 4 areas of your vehicle that contain the most germs, and surprisingly, the steering wheel is not one of them.

Driver’s Side Floor Mats

According to a swab test, the driver’s side floor mats hold the most bacteria and mold. This is likely due to our shoes trekking in germs from everywhere we walk. Fortunately we do not touch these mats as often as other surfaces, but there are still times that we do, for example when we drop something and reach to pick it up. You can keep your floor mats germ free by shampooing with a mat cleaner, or at a minimum, shake them out and sprinkle with baking soda.

The Trunk

Your trunk carries a lot of bacteria due to the various items you transport. For example, your running shoes or even work equipment. And unlike the floor mats, the trunk IS an area that we touch often. In fact, you probably even keep groceries in your trunk.  Try laying a mat or even a blanket in the trunk area so you can remove it and disinfect it on a regular basis.

Front Seat Cupholder

The third runner up is the front seat cupholder as this area easily collects spilled food, drink and other debris.  This is another area that we touch regularly, if not multiple times a day. So keep sanitizing wipes on hand to clean your cupholders and surrounding surfaces often.

Dashboard Air Vent

One area of your car that you may not think of being germy would be your dashboard air vents, but these vents could actually be circulating germs around your car.

As a solution, turn off the AC and dust the vents using a small paintbrush or use a can of compressed air. Run a sanitizing wipe over the vents while being careful not to get any liquid inside the vents.

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