Lease Turn In Auto Body Repairs Warren, Mi

The beauty of leasing a car is that you can drive a new and reliable vehicle for a fixed, monthly price right up to the point of returning your vehicle to the dealership. But when the time comes to turn in your car make sure you don’t get stung at the end-of-lease inspection. Take control and pay less by making collision repairs in advance.

How Does the Lease Inspection Work?

Typically about 60-90 days prior to your lease termination date, the finance company or lease holder will call to set up your vehicle inspection. They will provide a detailed report listing any excessive wear and tear items.

Your vehicle will be assessed for any of the following:

  • Exterior dings, scuffs, scrapes and damage that cannot easily be buffed out.
  • Tears, burns, cuts, stains or discoloration to the interior fabrics or leather, larger than half-inch in diameter.
  • Cracks, gouges, or damage to the car’s interior.
  • Lower than acceptable tire depth.
  • Damage to the windshield or other glass, greater than half-inch in area.
  • Damage to lights, lamps and signals greater than 2 inches.
  • Anything missing or broken/non-functioning.

It’s a good idea to review your lease contract, especially towards the end of your agreement for the items mentioned above or any other details about lease turn in requirements.

If your car has excessive wear and tear and a dealer needs to make the repairs, there is a good chance they will more expensive than a local auto body shop. So be sure to get cost estimates, or better yet, have the repairs addressed prior to your lease inspection. Otherwise, once you’re in the hands of the dealership, you will lose control over the repair process and the price.

Call PPAB in Warren, MI for Your End of Lease Auto Body Repairs

Getting ready to turn in your lease? If you’re worried about dents or any other auto body damage, the PPAB crew has you covered.

After over three decades of serving Metro Detroit, we know what the leasing companies are looking for.  We will inspect your vehicle and make repairs if necessary, following  the standard Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) procedures. This is crucial as any replacement part that doesn’t meet manufacturer’s specifications will not be accepted by your leasing company.

What Our Customers Say About Our End of Lease Repairs:

“This place is all about customer service!!! It’s refreshing to see a business that actually cares about you. I had a lease vehicle that needed to turned in. Had a few dings and a cracked windshield that needed to be addressed. Picked it up when it was done and drove it right to the dealership to turn in. Inside was detailed. The owner even checked the tires for to make sure they were going to pass inspection.”

Bring your vehicle to Pole Position Auto Body in Warren, MI for end-of-lease repairs that will leave your car looking as good as it did the day you first got the keys!