Macomb County Body Shop Explains How to Handle 3 Common Driving Emergencies

Macomb County Body Shop Explains How to Handle 3 Driving Emergencies

No matter how careful you are on the road, you still may find yourself in a driving emergency at some point. You could be driving along peacefully and a tire blows out unexpectedly. Or an object gets stuck under the gas pedal, forcing you to accelerate out of control.

Regardless of the emergency, you will always want to remember not to panic as it can cause over correcting or poor judgment in a situation where you need to think quick. This advice may sound easier said than done, but planning ahead and knowing what to do in an emergency can be the difference between you surviving the situation or getting into a dangerous accident. Here is some advice that will help you be prepared for 3 common driving emergencies.

Emergency 1: Tire Blowout

You’re driving along when you hear a large boom and your car jerks violently to one side. And if you’re driving at high speeds, a tire blowout can cause any driver to panic and lose control of the vehicle. But a tire blowout doesn’t have to end in disaster if you are prepared for the situation.

The first thing you will want to do is actually nothing at all. Don’t brake, don’t take your foot off the gas and don’t turn the steering wheel. Any sudden action could cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

After a few moments you can gently turn the steering wheel if you need to keep the vehicle going straight. Accelerate lightly, then let off the gas and coast until you are safely off the road.

Emergency 2: Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning or aquaplaning occurs when your tires begin to ride on top of standing water and lose contact with the road. The situation can be terrifying and can happen on pavement that is barely even wet.

If you find yourself hydroplaning, immediately take your foot off of the accelerator and resist the urge to brake. Gently turn your steering wheel in the direction your car is hydroplaning. This will help your tires realign and help you regain control.

Emergency 3: Icy Road Slides

Sliding on a patch of ice can be a heart stopping moment, but it doesn’t have to end in a crash if you stay calm and know how to correct the slide.

Correcting a Rear Wheel Slide

If your rear wheels are the ones that are sliding, gently turn your wheel in the direction you are sliding while taking your foot off the gas pedal. Stay calm and resist the instinct to brake. For slide correction to work, your wheels need to be able to turn freely.

Correcting a Front Wheel Slide

If your front wheels begin to slide, take your foot off the accelerator and allow the vehicle to slow down. After a few moments, if you still don’t have control of your vehicle, you can gently apply the brakes. By gently, we mean light toe tapping.

Additional Tip: Attend Performance Driving School

Even if you don’t plan on being a stunt driver, performance driving school can help you physically experience handling your vehicle in a potential emergency situation.

Reading the above tips can certainly help you prepare and possibly save a life, but hands on experience in a controlled environment can make you feel less panicky if emergencies occur since you have already practiced navigating your way to safety and know what to expect.

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