Macomb County Collision Shop Explains How to Avoid Auto Body Scams

Macomb County Collision Shop Explains How to Avoid Auto Body Scams

Even the most careful drivers will likely find themselves in an automobile accident at least one point in their lives. Needless to say, these situations are extremely stressful and inconvenient to the driver. How will you get to work or drive family members to their obligations? Where can you trust to take your vehicle without being gouged on prices or waiting long periods of time only to receive low quality repairs?

There are a lot of reputable collision shops to choose from but there are just as many “shady” repair facilities to steer clear from. In this article we will cover some red flags to look out for so you can avoid an auto body repair scam if you are involved in an accident.

Avoid Tow Truck Recommendations

One of the first things people do after being involved in an accident is call a tow truck.  Sometimes these tow trucks will get a kick back anywhere from $500.00 to over $1,000.00 if they tow it to a body shop they are affiliated with. Although this may seem convenient to immediately tow your vehicle to a body shop based on their recommendation, realize that this is only in the tow truck driver’s interest and doesn’t guarantee any quality work on your vehicle.

By law you have the choice to take your vehicle to any facility. Ideally you should already have a collision repair shop in mind to have the vehicle towed to. If you don’t have a facility in mind, you can have the vehicle towed to your home while you look for the right body shop.

At Pole Position Auto Body, in Macomb County, we include towing as part of our auto body repair service.

Review the Property of the Collision Repair Facility

Take a look at the lot of the repair facility.  Is the lot filled with damaged vehicles that have been sitting for awhile, perhaps some vehicles without license plates or expired tabs? Do you visit the lot two weeks later and the same vehicles are still sitting there? This is a huge red flag.

This indicates slow turnover times for repairs or lack of interest. There are some auto body shops that promise you a repair in a certain time frame but the minute a larger and more lucrative repair comes in, your vehicle is put off and remains in the lot.

At Pole Position Auto Body, our repairs are completed nearly 3 days quicker than the average repair facility.

Avoid Companies that Don’t Work With Insurance Companies

If you are dealing with a reputable company, they will take care of insurance claims and handle all the paperwork for you.  Avoid any company that does not handle the insurance information or asks for payment up front without considering your coverage.

Contact a Macomb County Collision Shop You Can Trust

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Our staff will provide MASSIVE customer service during every step of the process, starting with the estimate and up to the the final layer of wax we apply to your vehicle.

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