If you’re looking for auto body repairs in Metro Detroit, you won’t want to settle for just any company. You’ll want to find a collision shop that will get you back on the road quickly, provide high quality repairs and put your safety first by following manufacturer guidelines. So how can you know if you’re choosing the right repair shop?

Check out the Reviews

A quick online search should bring up lots of valuable information about collision shops in the Metro Detroit area.  Check out their reviews, pay attention to their responses and keep a balanced view of your options.  This is also a great opportunity to seek out examples of a company’s previous repair work since most places will have a website or some sort of social media presence. If you can’t find any reviews or social presence, that could be a red flag.

Looking for a Metro Detroit Collision Shop?

Ask for Certification

There are 3 main types of certification that body shops can obtain.  These are a great indicator that the shop is dedicated to providing a high-quality service.  Ask, or check their website to see if they have any of the following:

ASE Certification: ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) is an independent, not for profit organization that offers testing and certification as a sign of good workmanship in the field.

I-CAR: This is considered to be the highest standard for an auto-shop, with the highest I-CAR certification being the Gold Class recognition; this is a sign that the technicians have been trained on the latest technologies, repair methods and car models.

OEM: This stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. For example, Ford or Buick may be your vehicle’s manufacturer. You may think that to get a specialist in your car’s brand you have to go to a dealership, but if a shop is OEM certified, they are approved by the auto manufacturer to work on that specific vehicle, and will use OEM factory-approved parts, tools and procedures to install those parts.

Don’t Think Cheaper is Better

If you’ve got as far as gathering a few quotes, it’s a good idea to evaluate more than price alone.  Before you automatically choose the lower price, is there a reason for the difference in price?  What are they skipping that the others aren’t?

Is the repair facility claiming to waive your deductible? This is often an indicator of low quality repairs that don’t follow OEM guidelines.

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Are They Clear About the Warranty?

Most body shops will offer a warranty on their work. Be clear what the deal is before work begins on your car.  If there is no warranty, or it’s a very short one you might want to ask yourself why.

Don’ t hesitate to ask as many questions as you like. Any good repair shop will happily answer your questions and explain their processes.  If they act like they have something to hide there’s definitely cause for concern.

In Need of a Metro Detroit Collision Shop?

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