Warren, MI Body Shop Gives Auto Care Tips for Rainy Seasons

Warren, MI Body Shop Gives Auto Care Tips for Rainy Seasons

Michiganders are getting hit with some heavy rain this year. According to the National Weather Service, as of April 30th, Metro Detroit broke a 57-year record for rainfall and we have since received several downpours with more to come.

Just how important is it to keep your car clean during these rainy months? And what preventative maintenance can be done to protect and extend the life of your vehicle? Warren, MI body shop, Pole Position Auto Body explains.

Wash Your Car Frequently, Even if More Rain is Expected

Many vehicle owners have been skipping the car wash this year, thinking, “Why clean my car when the weather forecast calls for another downpour?”

Or some drivers consider a rainstorm a “free car wash”, but the rain isn’t enough to clean your vehicle. Sure, it may rinse off some dirt and grime, but rainwater can actually cause more problems for your vehicle’s paint.

As rain falls it collects pollutants and contaminants in the air, pouring them onto your car. Plus the salt and water from the rain will get inside small cracks of your vehicle,  causing it to actually rust from the inside out.

A proper car wash is crucial in order to maintain and protect the vehicle’s exterior. Drivers should try to wash their car after every rainstorm, but with the amount of rain Metro Detroiters are getting this year, of course this may not be feasible. The main thing is to wash your car at least once a week, even if the forecast is calling for rain in the future.

Wax Your Vehicle to Protect it From the Elements

Similar to washing your car, waxing it can seem counter productive. There’s nothing worse than having to drive a freshly waxed, shiny vehicle through yet another rainstorm.

However a protective layer of wax can help keep rains spots from forming because it makes the rain bead up and roll off your vehicle.

Even though we haven’t been seeing too much of the sun lately, we’re optimistic that those beautiful sunny days are in the future. Waxing your car will also protect your car’s paint from the sun. You can basically think of wax as sunscreen for your vehicle.

Inspect Tires and Wiper Blades

You will want to make sure your tires have enough tread to push rain water away from the rubber that meets the road. Tires that are worn with little tread will not be able to channel water away from the tires efficiently and can result in hydroplaning, a dangerous and possibly fatal situation where your car lifts from the road and veers out of control.

You will also want to inspect your wiper blades for overall wear and tear. Over time, wiper blades can become dry and cracked, leaving streaks across your windshield and reducing visibility. Ideally wiper blades should be replaced once a year or as soon as you notice they are not making contact with the windshield and are failing to remove water and debris properly.

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