What it Means to be I-CAR Certified

What it Means to be I-Car Certified

We live in a technology-driven world. Manufacturers are constantly changing technology and creating advancements in everyday items. Just think about the upgrades to our mobile phones over the last 20 years. The technology in our vehicles is no different. Is your mechanic keeping up with the latest repair techniques for that technology, or are they using outdated repair techniques? If your mechanic isn’t I-CAR Certified, you run the risk of them using outdated techniques that can compromise your vehicle safety. Here’s what it means to be I-CAR certified and why it’s essential.

What I-CAR Gold Class Certification Means

I-CAR Gold Class Certification is awarded after completing the I-CAR professional development program (PDP). This rigorous training keeps repair shops updated on recent repair techniques and vehicle technology. The ongoing training focuses on essential components like:

  • Spotting hidden damage to a vehicle that the untrained eye may miss
  • Thorough airbag and seat belt inspection 
  • Learning the most advanced repair techniques for current vehicle models
  • Determining what can be repaired vs. what should be replaced

Being I-CAR Gold Class certified may seem like a no-brainer for all repair facilities. After all, shouldn’t repairs and inspections be tailored toward the most recent vehicle technology? However, not all repair facilities complete this stringent training program. Only 10% of facilities achieve I-CAR Gold Class certification. Pole Position Auto Body is one of the elite repair facilities that has.

Importance of Air Bag and Seat Belt Inspection

Did you know that after your airbag or seat belt pretensioner deploys, they must be thoroughly inspected? Vehicle makers require mandatory inspection and replacement of damaged parts to ensure driver safety moving forward. I-Car-Gold certification ensures all safety guidelines are met to protect you and your family.

Spotting Hidden Damage to Your Vehicle

Spotting Hidden Damage to Your Vehicle

Our vehicles have intricate systems in them that are designed to keep you and your family safe when on the road. Repair shops that aren’t adequately trained can miss integral repair elements if they’re not up to date on those systems and technology. For example:

Untrained facilities may see a crumpled hood after an accident and replace it.

An I-CAR Gold Class Certified facility will inspect and repair the intricate system beneath the hood to ensure the vehicle structure is correct. That inspection requires advanced repair techniques and tools, like a three-dimensional measuring system, that untrained facilities may be unfamiliar with.

Trusting an I-CAR Gold Class certified facility means you can be confident that any hidden damage is found and that the proper repair techniques are used on your vehicle.

About I-CAR Gold Certified Facility, Pole Position Auto Body

Pole Position Auto Body is an I-CAR Gold Class Certified facility that’s been providing top-notch service to Metro Detroiters for over 3 decades. We follow all OEM procedures and utilize the most up-to-date technology and repair techniques. Since we understand your time is valuable, we provide safe and high-quality repairs in the quickest turnaround time possible. That’s typically 3 days faster than the average repair facility!

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