Many Michiganders are tightening their purse strings and budgeting to accommodate rising inflation. This year, the price of everything from groceries and gasoline has gone up. The last thing Michigan drivers want to worry about is unnecessary repairs or repairs that are needed earlier than expected.

Avoid These 7 Costly Car Mistakes

Good driving and proper vehicle maintenance can go a long way in preventing unnecessary vehicle repairs. While most drivers don’t intentionally neglect their vehicles, they can make mistakes. Here are 7 costly car mistakes to avoid.

Driving on Fumes

With gas prices on the rise, it may be tempting to avoid refueling until your vehicle is driving on fumes. However, running your tank down to empty is never a good idea. Your fuel pump dispenses gasoline from your tank to your engine. That gasoline acts as a lubricant and coolant, so an empty tank could stress your fuel pump and cause it to fail.

Speeding Over Potholes and Speed Bumps

Michiganders are no strangers to potholes and speed bumps. Road crews are constantly fixing the roads, just for another gaping pothole to pop up elsewhere. Speeding over potholes or speed bumps can cause damage to your tires, wheels, suspension, and exhaust. Those repairs can add up. According to AAA, damage from potholes costs Americans an average of $600 per repair. To avoid costly repairs, stay focused and reduce your speed.

Adding the Wrong Oil

Sometimes oil levels need to be topped off between oil changes to keep your vehicle running correctly. However, adding the wrong oil can cause more harm than good. The wrong oil can burn and damage your engine. Not only can using different oil affect the fuel economy, but it may also result in your vehicle needing repairs. If you’re unsure which oil to use, check your owner’s manual to avoid mishaps.

Not Swapping Out Winter Tires

Michigan winters can be harsh on our vehicles, which is why winter tires are important. Winter tires have deeper groves that provide needed traction for driving in snow and are softer than all-season tires to survive the harsh temperatures. However, they’re not designed to be used all year. Drivers should switch their tires out when the seasons change to maneuver properly and avoid wearing down winter tires. Replacing overworn winter tires can be more expensive than using the correct tires for the seasons.

Driving With Underinflated Tires

Driving with low tire pressure can be both dangerous and costly to drivers. Underinflated tires wear out prematurely and can blow out at high speeds. Not to mention low tire pressure can affect your gas mileage. On average, there’s a 2% reduction in gas mileage for every 5 PSI a tire is underinflated.

Choosing Off-Brand Replacement Parts

It may be tempting to cut the cost of your vehicle repairs by using off-brand replacement parts. However, parts that are not certified for your vehicle should never be used. Off-brand parts can be of poor quality, requiring them to be replaced early or even compromise your safety. Instead of rolling the dice on your safety, choose OEM-certified parts for repairs.

Not Researching Repair Shops for Service

Not researching which repair shop you take your car to is costly. Shops that cut corners on repairs can leave drivers with additional maintenance or even compromise their safety. Some shops may rip off drivers, use improper techniques, or use cheap repair parts.

The best thing drivers can do is research which repair facility will provide top-quality repairs. Pole Position Auto Body uses the best techniques and OEM-certified parts for repairs to ensure drivers can get safely back on the road.

Experienced Auto Body Repair Shop You Can Trust, Pole Position Auto Body

Pole Position Auto Body is a repair shop that Metro Detroiters have trusted for over 30 years. Our experienced technicians are I-Car Gold Certified and uses OEM certified parts to repair or restore your vehicle to pristine condition.

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