How to Choose the Best Car Color in 2022

How to Choose the Best Car Color in 2022

Choose the Best Car Color in 2022 For Maintenance

When choosing a car color that works for you, selecting a color that’s easy to maintain may be high on your list. After all, Michigan winters can wreak havoc on our vehicles if not properly maintained. Here are some popular colors and how they hold up in terms of maintenance.

Black: Black gives vehicles a sleek look when fresh from a car wash. However, that dark finish shows all the dirt, dust, and salt accumulating on your vehicle. Be prepared to wash it regularly to maintain its appearance.

Gray: Gray paint can provide that sleek finish while hiding dust and dirt on its surface. Different studies show that gray vehicles are the easiest to clean and stay clean longer. If maintenance is high on your list, consider choosing a gray car in 2022.

White: White vehicles are typically easy to clean and hide the swirl marks from automatic car washes. This popular color tops the charts for different vehicle models due to its clean appearance and low maintenance finish. Just remember that white can show mud and splashes easier than its darker counterparts.

Red: Luminous red vehicles are a bold and flashy option for drivers. Red tends to hide mud easier than other colors but runs the risk of becoming dull if dirty. You’ll still want to regularly wash your vehicle to ensure it stays bright and pristine.

Consider Car Color and Resale Value

When considering how to choose the best car color in 2022, you should also keep the vehicle’s resale value in mind. Color trends shift, and what’s popular today may not be tomorrow. Choosing a bright new color on the market can be tempting, but remember that color may put you at a disadvantage when it comes time to resell the vehicle. Neutral colors like gray, black, or silver tend to be the safest options in terms of resale value.

Boost Resale Value on Any Vehicle

Perhaps the best way to boost the resale value of any vehicle is to maintain it properly. Regular maintenance, like replacing brake pads or having oil changes, can extend the life of your car.

Repairing dings, dents, and scratches can increase resale value

Cosmetically, dings, dents, and broken glass can also affect the resale value of your vehicle. Pole Position offers free estimates on services that include paintless dent repair, glass service, and custom painting and fabricating.

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