I-Car Gold Class Certified Facility Prioritizes Driver Safety

Technology in the automotive industry is always changing. Car manufacturers are constantly working on innovative features centered around vehicle safety and comfort.  With that in mind, your repair shop should be up-to-date on all training and techniques as well. I-Car Gold Class Certified facilities meet the most rigorous training requirements to ensure that your vehicle is fixed the right way.

I-Car Gold Class Certified Facility Prioritizes Driver Safety

What it Means to be I-Car Gold Class Certified

Repair facilities that are I-Car Gold Class Certified are part of an elite group of repair shops that complete the I-Car’s Professional Development Program (PDP). This program keeps repair shops up-to-date on the latest techniques, technology, and repair methods.  This stringent training program requires that each repair facility take ongoing training every year with a focus on:

  • Spotting hidden damage on vehicles
  • Determining what can be repaired and what needs to be replaced
  • Proper airbag and seat belt inspection to ensure driver safety
  • The latest repair techniques to ensure your vehicle is fixed to the highest standard

You may think that staying up-to-date on vehicle technology and repair techniques are a given. However, only 10% of repair facilities are I-Car Gold Class Certified. Pole Position Auto Body is proud to be one of these elite facilities.

Trained to Spot Hidden Damage

I-Car Gold Class Certified Facility Prioritizes Driver Safety

As our vehicles get more advanced, the training to repair them needs to as well. Often, that involves spotting hidden damage that the novice repair shop may not find. Vehicles are intricate systems that were designed to keep you safe and straying from proper repair methods can compromise that.

For example, after an accident:

You might see a broken or missing bumper.

Beneath the surface: The Automatic Park Assist on your vehicle may be damaged and need calibration.

You might see a crumpled hood that needs to be replaced.

Beneath the surface: An intricate system that requires three-dimensional measuring to ensure vehicle structure is correct.

You might see that your airbag has been deployed.

Beneath the surface: A full airbag and restraint system inspection is needed to ensure proper function.

Not All Repair Facilities are Equal

Technicians are regularly trained in the latest repair techniques and vehicle technology at I-Gold Class Certified facilities. Other facilities may have minimal training or no training at all.  When your safety is on the line, you should never roll the dice on the quality of your vehicle repairs.

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Warren I-Car Gold Class Certified Facility, Pole Position Auto Body

Pole Position Auto Body is an I-Car Gold Class Certified Facility that has been serving the Metro Detroit Area for over 30 years. Providing safe, quality repairs in the quickest turnaround time possible is our top priority.  We follow all OEM procedures and follow stringent protocols to return your vehicle to its pre-accident pristine, and safe condition.

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